Metabolic Myth Debunking

Balancing a love of food and a desire to better your health and wellness is tough, that’s no secret. Food is only getting more delicious, creative and photogenic, but not necessarily healthier, and is basically everywhere thanks to the internet. Even most of my own Instagram is food thanks to Food Wine & DIY; food is essentially my business.

But much like the old “what’s right isn’t always popular” adage, comes the food blogger equivalent,

“what’s Insta-worthy isn’t always healthy”

(and what’s not Insta-worthy isn’t going to help grow your presence, readership, following, etc.). Thus, the double-edged sword of trying to be in shape and being ‘in food.’

I recently came across an article from Well + Good (linked below), that has changed my perspective and approach on my journey to a healthier me, about metabolism- what people think versus the reality.

Dr. Dan Reardon, CEO of FitnessGenes, goes as far as saying people aren’t even talking about metabolism the correct way, nonetheless basing preconceived notions on the right information. Calling your metabolism “fast” or “slow” isn’t actually the right way to phrase it; Dr. Reardon refers to metabolism as “efficient” or “inefficient.”

Dr. Reardon also touches on how the type of exercise you’re doing is important to the efficiency of your metabolism. For example, my beloved, inclined power walk at the gym isn’t going to help my metabolism out afterwards half as much as the same amount of time spent running as fast as I can with short periods of rest in between. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts are what will really bring you the post-sweat calorie burn you’re looking for and keep your metabolism more efficient.

The next, and my personal favorite little-known-fact:

Your metabolism doesn’t slow down with age.


A direct excerpt from the article, because I couldn’t possibly put it any better myself:

How many times have you heard someone complain that as soon as they turned a certain age, they just couldn’t eat and drink the way they used to? Get ready to have your mind blown (again): “Age will never be a factor on your metabolism if you keep acting the way you did when you were 21,” Dr. Reardon claims.

A seriously simply concept that the every-man doesn’t even consider because in my opinion, we don’t think we can keep acting like we’re 21 for the rest of our lives, because that is probably what most of us have been told.

My mom constantly still tells me I shouldn’t be playing sports or doing something a certain way because I’m ‘not in college or high school anymore,’ but based on this new logic I’m now asking myself, “what is that even supposed to mean?”

I get the concept though. When we were 18 or 21 we probably didn’t have a 40-hour a week desk job and instead had a required hour of Physical Education on top of possible extra curricular sports, pickup games with friends, or travel teams we may have played on. Do I do that now at age 28?

I’m sure trying, and you should too if you it’s what you want.

Yes, I do work 40 (plus) hours a week, but no, I don’t want that to be the only place I divert any energy.

Afraid that time is the problem with being able to get your desired workout in? Check out my 4 Ways to Easily Incorporate the Gym into Your Work Week post on my Food Wine & DIY blog.

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